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As part of Baby Week, we are excited to feature a brand like Kidco. This brand focuses on safety and enabling parents to be mobile with their young children. We had the pleasure of speaking with Lorraine Parisi, KidCo’s Marketing Services Manager, about KidCo’s success. Take a look at Kidco’s products on Hubba. 


KidCo has been making safety products for children since 1992


Their gates are found in households all over the world. KidCo offers a comprehensive assortment of child home safety products, including bed rails, cabinet locks/latches, furniture/tv straps and much more.  KidCo has a focus on bringing simple and innovative designs to market.


We spoke to Lorraine Parisi, KidCo’s Marketing Services Manager about KidCo’s success.


Lorraine said, “The recipe for this success:  it’s simple, as a leader, Ken Kaiser cares about the products he brings to the market.  He understands the need for keeping children safe in their home environment and while on the go! Looking to the future, KidCo is prepared for the next generation of parents.  Whether you call them the Millennials or Echo-Boomers does not matter; what matters is the quality and innovative products that will be made available to them. “


Today’s focus is on KidCo’s line of travel products that have made it easier for parents to travel and take their young children with them everywhere.  Their famous PeaPod has allowed parents to easily carry a travel bed for their children ages 1-3 anywhere. This travel bed sets up instantly and is one of the best travel beds on the market. It even fits in carry-on luggage. PeaPod is a great example of how easy KidCo has made travelling for parents and their young children.


To further their success and reputation in travel, KidCo is announcing the launch of their DinePod™!



DinePod™ is designed to make bringing children to restaurants a lot easier. DinePod™ is a lightweight, solution that takes the worry out of a restaurant running out of high chairs, or whether your child will fit in a generic high chair. It’s a simple, cost effective way for parents to ensure that the first few moments of settling into a restaurant isn’t about looking for a high chair, or cleaning one. With DinePod™, you can setup and be ready to order quickly!


Typical high chairs separate children from the table with an eating tray, but DinePod™ allows parents to include the baby at the eating table with the rest of the family.








KidCo will debut this at the ABC Show in October, with shipping starting in December


Kidco describes The DinePod™ as being able to “bring baby right to the table!  The DinePod™ is a lightweight (5.3 lbs.) portable highchair that provides instant seating at any table, indoors or outdoors, at home or away.  No assembly required.  Easily sets up and locks into place.  Simply fold and go! ”


KidCo is widely distributed, in retailers like Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Safety Superstore and we are super excited that KidCo wanted to announce this innovative product on Hubba. Do you want to check out more featured articles from Baby Week? Head over here to read through the latest ones!


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