#HubbaStories: Mommy Blogger Sees Hubba as the Perfect Matchmaker for Brands and Influencers


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During her 20-year career in the financial industry, Danish-American mother of four boys Tove Maren started her blog, Mama in the Now, as a hobby. Having always had a penchant for writing, the blog was her creative outlet at the end of her long working days. As of last summer, Tove became a stay-at-home mom and has since grown her blog from a hobby to a small business.

Tove prefers to work with brands that she would naturally gravitate towards and that work well with her family. As an experienced mommy blogger, she knows the ins and outs of working with a brand from start to finish. “It’s almost like dating,” she says, describing the brand/influencer relationship. “You hope to hear back from them [and vice versa].” Tove appreciates that Hubba helps to remove the ‘cold call’ aspect away from her dealings with brands, making for a much smoother transition from complete strangers to collaborative partners.

How Hubba Helped

Tove sees Hubba as a matchmaker of sorts, and with 30,000 brands at her fingertips, it’s easy for mompreneurs like her to connect and collaborate with like-minded companies. “I am thoroughly enjoying the connections I have made through Hubba and I love that the influencers are free to make their own deals with the companies.”

In fact, it was through one such connection that Tove got her most recent assignment as an influencer, having signed on to be the head of social media for a brand she met on Hubba.

“The company sent me free samples last year,” she explains. “When I received them, I quickly commented to the owner that he could benefit from being active on Instagram and Pinterest. He thanked me for the advice – and then reached out to me in January (three months later) to see if I would be interested in helping him. We are currently working together for three months, as a trial to see if it is something we both enjoy… and we will revisit the relationship after ninety days.”

As any up-and-coming brand knows, influencers are crucial if you’re looking to build brand awareness, as they provide you with access to a world of consumers you may not have encountered otherwise. In short, influencers are the yin to a brand’s yang, using their social prowess to share your story and guide future consumers towards your brand. With Hubba Accelerate, you’re given exactly the tools you need to help you stand out to top influencers like Tove.

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