How Newly-Launched Nudnik is Disrupting Kids Wear Through Upcycling


At Hubba, we make it our mission to connect amazing brands to retailers (and vice versa!) day in and day out. We love being ahead of the curve and putting some well-deserved spotlight on small businesses making a massive difference. The newly-launched kids wear brand Nudnik is one such example.

With a combined 20 years in the waste management industry, twin sisters, Chief Explorers and Creators, Lindsay and Alexandra Lorusso have just launched an ingenious new line of sustainable clothing that earth-conscious parents can truly feel good about. Nudnik (also known as an affectionate term for “little rascal”) promises a year-round, unisex line of quality garments for children aged 3 months to 3 years old. As per Lindsay, Nudnik’s vision is simple, “In everything we do, we look to redefine possibility, consciousness, and the bonds between our children, loved ones and our Earth.”

Nudnik’s ethically made garments and innovative approach to sustainability inspire a new, guilt-free normal. Each piece is 100% upcycled, sourced from fabrics that were otherwise destined for landfill. One adult-sized sweater alone provides enough material for several pieces of a garment, making the Nudnik production process entirely water-free – a welcomed departure from the apparel industry’s shameful waste problem. “It takes 2700L of water to make one fast-fashion t-shirt, which is more water than the average Canadian drinks in two years!” explains Alexandra. Each piece is lovingly cut, sewn, pre-washed and designed by hand in Toronto. The sisters pore over each individual detail; raw edges are utilized, circumventing the need for virgin materials while limitless fun and quirky color combinations keep each garment fresh and unique. Additionally, the beautiful silk-screened details you see are just one of the ways Nudnik opts to support local businesses.

The Nudnik brand truly focuses on the next generation of greatness – or, as Lindsay and Alexandra like to call them, our “elevated youth”. Durable and eye-catching, the Nudnik collection is designed for both adventure and play. Priced at $42-$45 per piece, Nudnik is bound to become a staple for discerning parents looking to outfit their children in a premium product that will neither break the bank nor cause undo harm to our beloved planet.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with Lindsay and Alexandra and check out the Nudnik line of products today!