Cards Against Humanity Raises How Much Money to Dig a Giant Hole?

“The holidays are here, and everything in America is going really well,” the company wrote on its Holiday Hole website. “To celebrate Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity is digging a tremendous hole.”

Cards Against Humanity, whose main product is “a party game for horrible people”, is known for their parodied and sarcastic outlook on the state of the world. Every year, they host a satirical Black Friday event.

On Black Friday in 2013, the company raised the price of their game by $5.

In 2014, the company replaced their card game’s expansion pack with boxes containing bull feces. For real. 30,000 boxes of “Bullshit” were sold, proving that innovation and exclusivity really do matter.



The following year, in 2015, they offered an option on their online store to pay the company $5 for absolutely nothing. The website reportedly stated “the greatest Black Friday gift of all is buying nothing. We’re offering that for the rock-bottom price of $5. How can you afford NOT to seize this incredible opportunity?” The company ultimately made over $70,000 off the once-in-a-lifetime deal and split it equally among its employees.

And this year, they dug a hole. The company asked for donations on their website and claimed that “as long as money keeps coming in, we’ll keep digging.” They ended up raising $100,573 (with a few dedicated donors even giving them more than $1000), which allowed them to keep digging the hole until Sunday morning. Nearly 4 million people tuned in to watch the event.

When asked why the company wasn’t spending the money on something more important than digging a hole, they expertly answered: “Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.”

Here’s the hole: