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The modern family has many moving parts – you never know where your day’s going to take you! With these beautiful and thoughtfully designed products, you can ensure your child finds comfort in the often fast-paced adventure that having a young family brings.


Check out our Baby Week roundup of the best in the industry when it comes to creating products to soothe your baby. We found everything from teething mitts, foldable mattresses, to bamboo cotton CuddleDry towels!



Munch Mitt



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Like many, this mompreneur’s brand began when she noticed a hole in the market. A teething baby gnawing on his fingers because he was too small to hold onto a ring, Melissa knew there had to be a better solution.


Enter The Munch Mitt – a handy solution! It’s a brilliantly designed cloth mitten with textured rubber at the tip of the fingers so your baby can soothe their gums without damaging or drying out their hands.


MamaDoo Kids


MamaDoo Kids



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MamaDoo Kids was made with the philosophy that relaxed, happy children make for relaxed, happy families.


Easily foldable for storage and travel, these mattress toppers and mats provide a resting spot for your babe wherever your day takes you! Use them in a play yard (for pack n play), bring them to older brother’s late soccer game, grandparents house for a sleepover, or anywhere your on-the-go family decides to explore next.


Childish Notions




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Childish Notions was founded by mothers who know what it’s like to “pace the floors at 3:00 am with a fractious infant. We’ve accessorized around pureed peas, improvised through diaper shortages and vaporized the croup.” This cozy brand makes the softest bamboo cotton towels and was recently praised by one of our retail buyers!


Childish Notions has solutions for every step of the way for you and your little bundle, from bath-time, feeding time to potty time.






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This brand understands that there’s nothing as comforting as a mother’s touch, but their products strive to provide the most natural bottle-feeding experience possible.


With a skin toned, life-like nipple, Mimijumi emulates the feeling your child gets when against a mother’s chest, allowing for every person of your family to be a part of the feeding and bonding process.


On-the-go Inflatables




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After an uncomfortable trip to Disney World for the founder’s Michael’s potty training little girl, he decided to create an inflatable potty seat that can fit the travel needs of adventurous families. On-the-go Inflatables deflate the functional and playfully designed seat and keep it in your bag so your child won’t hesitate to hop on the potty wherever you go!



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