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We all resist the minivan. You know the moment. The one when you’ve crammed your diaper bag, stroller, and last shred of sanity into your Hyundai, step back, and realize there’s no room for your baby.


There’s no doubt that having a baby changes your life. But having a little one doesn’t have to mean the spontaneity stops! With emphasis on the modern parent – contemporary convenience, sleek style – these baby carriers and strollers are designed to fit into your life. And into the trunk of your dream car.


Phil & Teds




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With 18 years of research and development under their belt, Phil & Teds is ready to take your family wherever you need to go! Push, sleep, feed, carry and drive your little one wherever you need to.


Phil & Teds believes that having a new little bundle should enhance your lifestyle, not compromise it. Having streamlined, seamless baby accessories allows for you to keep yourself moving, shaking… and rocking that little one.


Nested Bean




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Mother to a restless little boy, Nested Bean founder Manasi discovered that putting a beanie baby on his chest in place of her hand provided the same comfort as her touch. And with that, Nested Bean was born!


Smartly designed and beautiful, these swaddles have weights in their fabric to emulate your embrace as your child learns to sleep on her own. The Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack are proven to improve sleep, with mother’s reporting that it improves sleep patterns within three days.


We know that nothing is better than a mother’s embrace, but these awesome swaddles definitely come in a close second.






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This innovative, self-cooling stroller liner was born of one parent’s desire to keep their kid comfortable in the sweltering heat of summer. “As the parent of a toddler, seeing my kid sweating in her stroller was stressful. I often wondered how it felt to be strapped into a chair made of… non-breathable fabric.”


Geleeo is made of a breathable, self-cooling fabric. No batteries, refrigeration, or external power consumption is needed. It also is built to fit any toddler stroller, so no matter what your preference, you can have the coolest kid on the street.






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This baby carrier is built with your relationship with your child in mind as you start your lives together. Hug-a-bub understands the power of touch, and the bond that keeping your little one close yields.


Hug-a-bub can be wrapped around you in many different ways, adapting to any situation whether it’s working at your desk, doing groceries, or nap time.


These carriers turn every moment into ‘quality time’.






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iCoo is a stroller with style for the trendsetting mother. Beautifully designed black canvas and copper handles, all the while keeping ease of use in mind with a wheel suspension system and reflectors, this luxury brand is winning awards for both design and practicality.


With a line of five strollers and accessories to match, iCoo is making their mark on the baby industry.


Bity Bean




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When Bity Bean founder Doug Hartwell couldn’t find a carrier for his daughter that he could pack away when not in use, he set out to make the perfect one for himself. And now he’s shared it for all the on-the-go parents out there!


The Bity Bean carrier is a true travel companion. It rolls up to about the size of a child’s water bottle for easy storage; weighs only 8 ounces; can be adjusted for front or back carrying; and is even water proof for the rainy days, or so you take a dip with your child!


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