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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  We are finally talking  about the trendiest thing in baby world: Cloth and eco-friendly disposable diapers. Our collection of brands highlighted here covers the range of the most essential household baby product! We hand picked some of the best cloth and disposable diapers and are excited to feature gDiapers, Mother Ease, Kanga Care, AMP Diapers and Bummis. If you’ve missed the last few days of Baby Week, don’t worry! You can catch up here.



gDiapers – Featuring Flushable Inserts!



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No more smell,  and no more diaper garbage in the house. gDiapers provides a simple system of flushable inserts placed inside their gPants, a soft cotton diaper cover. All you need to do is flush the insert. Made of cellulose and fluff pulp, these diaper inserts are also a welcome addition to any compost system. Waste without waste.


For those parents who prefer a reusable option, this Portland-based company also offers a line of washable cloth inserts.


What makes gDiapers special is their philanthropy – in 2015 they partnered with Every Mother Counts to donate 50% of the profits of one of their lines. It totally is a g thing.


Today we have great news – gDiapers has just launched their brand spanking new Limited Edition gPants, Genvieve and George in Hubba!


The George features unique tweed material with detailed embroidery, while Genvieve features adorable heather grey fabric with pink and white ruffles. Don’t miss them!


Mother Ease


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Frustrated with the traditional cloth diapers available to her and her children, Erika Froese, mother of five, invented a two-step fitted Cloth Diaper and Cover system, available in a variety of fabrics, including Bamboo, Organic Cotton and a high tech Stay Dry material.


Nearly two decades later, Erika, now a grandmother, was still not satisfied and felt her cloth diapers could be even easier to use. So she created the Wizard One Step diapering system, a slim fitting diaper that go on your baby in one easy step.


With amazing reviews by the people who matter most—parents—check out Mother Ease’s latest survey to discover which of their cloth diapers are best for you.




Kanga Care


Kanga Care


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One of the original founders in the cloth diaper world, 10 years ago,  Kanga Care came to be after two parents found their newborn was highly sensitive to disposable diapers, and the alternative, cloth diapers were just not reliable. We are happy to share that Kangas have been titled the number 1 cloth diaper in the US for many years in a row now!


As true problem solvers they created the Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper, which utilizes their patented dual double inner gusset and removes the need for multiple outfit changes each day.


Featuring a number of diaper lines and accessories, Kanga Care will continue to grow!


AMP Diapers


amp cloth diapers - baby week


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Out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, AMP Diapers was also founded by a mother of five kids, dissatisfied with the current options on the market. Featuring everything from one size duo diapers to inserts and boosters, AMP Diapers has you covered. With comfortability and leak-free design a first priority, everyone is happy in the AMP family.






bummis cloth diapers - baby week


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One of the originals in cloth diapers, Bummis was founded all the way back in 1987. They believe success is not only about profit and the bottom line, but it’s also about the community and the industry as a whole. Made in North America, Bummis continues to be one of the leaders in the cloth diaper industry.




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