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It’s Baby Week here at Hubba!


So what exactly does that mean? Well like Shark week we will be doing a full court press on all things baby related except unlike Shark week there will be nothing scary about participating in our event because our focus will be on spotlighting some of the top baby brands and their amazing products.


Phil and Teds - Hubba Feature


Each day on our blog there will be a minimum of 5 top baby brands featured. Some you’ll know, some you will discover for the first time, either way you will love their products…and when we say products we mean it. There is more to baby products than just cute animal toys.


During Baby Week we will be introducing you to some of our favourite brands in the world of adorable clothes and blankets, eco friendly baby products and things for your house.


Milkdot - Hubba Feature


There will be something for everyone including a post about from some big name brands on how to become an essential baby offering and a major retailer will check in to explain what it was stood out to them about some of our featured baby brands.


You can browse through all the baby brands and their Hubba profiles by clicking here.


We don’t want to give too much away now so make sure you keep checking daily for exciting Baby content on our blog, on this News Feed or follow the fun on Twitter from the Hashtag #HubbaBW.


Questions? Want to be featured in the next Hubba Baby Week? Drop up a note at success@hubba.com


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