Baby Clothes Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Baby Brands You Need to Know


Naturally, parents and parents-to-be want the best for their little ones, and that includes the clothes they wear. When it comes to kids and babies, it’s especially important to limit the exposure of toxic chemicals commonly found in most fabrics. Non-organic baby clothing is often made from synthetic fibers manufactured with petrochemicals, acrylic, and other chemicals linked to a variety of health problems. As discerning parents seek out soft, untreated, chemical-free options for their babies, craft brands like the ones outlined below are prepared with fantastic products to offer them.


A child spends most of their early life in a onesie. This staple is worn from infancy up through the early toddler stage. Today’s increasingly health-conscious parents are on a constant hunt for organic options to wrap their bundles of joys in. JR Authentics’ baby onesies are 100% organic cotton, USA made and made with comfort, fit and environmental sustainability in mind.

Bib-ity, Bobity, Boo

Bibs and bib-like accessories are worn daily. Parents can’t have enough of these on hand, and like the onesie, they are seeking out bibs made from more natural materials. Babies tend to put lots of things in their mouths as ways of exploring and also out of curiosity – and especially when they are teething. Babies World has created a 100% natural cotton bib that also doubles as soothing agent for babies who are teething. The bib also helps keep baby dry as it collects dribbles and drools.

Classic Cuties

Just like certain classic staples are needed in an adult’s closet, the same goes with baby wear. While many brands like to keep these traditional looks alive, others are updating or modifying these styles fit modern children. Footmates specializes in children’s footwear, providing a variety of sizes and width available for children of all sizes. Their take on the saddle oxford has been a hit with parents and comes in different color options and sizes as well.


Environmentally-conscious parents look to purchase products with minimal environmental impact. Eco-friendly diapers have made a big splash as an alternative to commercial ones, which are made with non-organic materials. Bambamboos has created a disposable diaper that is as safe for the environment as it is for babies. Their diapers contain zero added chemicals, chlorine, bleach, petroleum-based lotions, latex, or fragrances.