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Well, it’s safe to say that Baby Week here at Hubba was a huge success! We were able to feature and showcase some of the top baby brands in the industry and some incredible up-and-comers. There’s nothing we love more than being able to chat with the owners and co-founders of these baby brands and have them share their stories with us.


We wanted to recap all the awesome stories that we were able to highlight this past week, so check out all of the articles below to see the latest and greatest in baby products, advice from retail buyers, and how iconic baby brands got to where they are today.



Product Round-Ups


Best Products to Soothe Your Little One


With these beautiful and thoughtfully designed products, you can ensure your child finds comfort in the often fast-paced adventure that having a young family brings.


Essential Household Baby Products


We wanted to highlight some of the must-haves when it comes to household items for your little one!


Beautiful Baby Carriers and Strollers


Having a little one doesn’t have to mean the spontaneity stops! With emphasis on the modern parent – contemporary convenience, sleek style – these baby carriers and strollers are designed to fit into your life. And into the trunk of your dream car.


Best Cloth Diapers for Babies


Cloth to disposable, our collection of brands highlighted here covers the range of the most essential household baby product – the diaper.


Eco-Friendly Baby Brands


This collection of baby favourites will excite the most earth-friendly parents!


Adorable Baby Clothing Brands


All the products featured in our spotlight posts are adorable, and none more adorable than baby clothes. Munchkin sized fashion is a big business and below are a few of our favourites.


Highlighted Brands


How Huggies and Dove Baby Became Iconic Household Baby Products


We took a look at two brands on Hubba that have built a serious reputation for caring for babies. Over the years Huggies and Dove Baby have become iconic household baby products. We discuss how they got to where the are today.


From a Retailer Perspective: Standout Eco-Friendly Baby Brands


We were lucky to chat with Diana, the CEO of EcoBaby Gear, a Portland based all-inclusive store that offers parents and babies safe, natural, organic and eco-friendly products.


Getting Noticed by Baby Retailers: Here’s What a Buyer Looks For


Nearly every baby brand fantasizes of having their dream retailer come knocking on their door and begging to stock their products. We wanted to drill down and find out what perks up a buyer’s ears for baby and kids products.


KidCo Launches New Product DinePod™!


We have a great brand that focuses on safety and enabling parents to be mobile with their young children. To further their success and reputation in travel, KidCo is announcing the launch of their DinePod™ on Hubba!



We wanted to send out a warm heartfelt thank you to all the baby brands on Hubba that shared their stories with us and shed some light on why you do what you do every day. We’re excited to watch your brands grow and prosper and can’t wait for our next Baby Week!



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