Every day for one week we will feature awesome baby products from our community to retailers and consumers.


Everyone knows December is notorious for baby making, which means September sees a lot of babies being born!  In light of this, we thought what better month to officially announce Hubba Baby Week!


What is Hubba baby week do you say? We’re going to be casting a spotlight on some of the amazing baby brands on Hubba and the products they create for the baby industry. We’re always looking for ways to promote the brands on Hubba so throughout the week of September 28th-October 2nd we will be hand picking 5 baby products to feature on the Hubba network and on our blog – one every day!


On September 28th, we’re opening the doors and inviting more baby retailers to join Hubba and browse all of our top picked baby products in Hubba and your baby brand could be one of them. How awesome is that!


During the week of September 28th, there will be a lot of eyeballs on Hubba looking at some of the coolest products in the baby industry and your baby product could be one of them.


So, how do you get involved?


If you are a baby brandclick here to tell us about your brand and how fantastic your products are!


If you are a retailer and interested in baby productscreate your free Hubba account if you haven’t already and we’ll notify you know when we’ve launched baby week. You will have a chance to browse new baby products and have an insider view as to what’s trending in the industry.


If you are a parent or just interested in baby products – subscribe to our blog and we’ll keep you posted about baby week!



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Stay tuned for more announcements as to how you can get involved and submit your baby brand to be considered for Baby Week.


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