Genius 6-year-old Uses Napping Mom’s Thumbprint to Go On Shopping Spree


In a hilariously bold move nobody (least of all her parents) expected, a genius 6-year-old from Arkansas used her napping mom’s thumbprint to go on an Amazon shopping spree.

Meet Ashlynd and her mom, Bethany Howell.

A few minutes after plunking down to watch a movie together, Howell drifted off to sleep.

Later when her husband got home, he asked about her most recent purchase. He’d noticed a $250 charge from Amazon. Realizing neither had made the purchases, the couple thought they’d been hacked. Baffled, they asked Ashlynd if she knew anything of the purchase.

“Yeah mommy! I was shopping. But don’t worry, all of it is going to come straight to the house,” she exclaimed.


“Apparently she’s like a sponge,” Howell said. Turns out, while Howell was sleeping, Ashlynd used her mom’s thumbprint to unlock her phone and purchase 14 toys. Howell told BuzzFeed News her daughter didn’t really understand the concept of money – how much she spent, or what it meant for her parents.

Luckily, Howell and her husband hadn’t finished their Christmas shopping yet. “We told her the next morning that the Elf on the Shelf went back to Santa Claus and told him what happened, and that he’d decided to intercept those presents and would bring them on Christmas,” Howell said.

So on Christmas morning, Ashlynd opened the gifts she bought herself (all Pokémon products… smart kid) with complete glee. “She was opening things, saying, ‘This is what Santa brought me! I ordered it and he brought it to me!’”

“We had no idea she even knew what Amazon was” Howell laughs. “She hasn’t told us all her secrets.”

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*Image via Bethany Howell/BuzzFeed News