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You could spend all day decking out your baby’s room and baby proofing your house. You could Pinterest all day, browse Instagram 24/7 for inspiration and window shop till you drop. We wanted to highlight some of the must-haves when it comes to household items for your little one. You can find all of the household baby products below on Hubba and you can head over to Baby Week to see all of our features so far!


iBaby Labs

iBaby Labs Monitor

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iBabyLabs has created beautifully designed baby monitors that are being sold at most major retailers including Babies R Us, Apple Stores, Target, Nordstrom, Best Buy and Amazon to name a few. The iBaby Monitors have transformed the way traditional baby monitors work by enabling parents to watch, hear, and speak to their baby using any internet connected iOS mobile device from anywhere, anytime.  The monitor is equipped with a 720p HD camera allowing you to watch over your little one in high definition.


This digital monitor will help you stay on top of things as a parent. Keeping an eye on your baby has never been so easy!






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Babies are inherently attracted to all things shiny, so it’s no wonder they go straight for your keys. But, keys are typically filthy and often contain lead which is not what you want in your child’s mouth. Kleynimals are innovative stainless steel toy keys with adorable animal faces that we absolutely love!


Kleynimals, proudly made in the USA, are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and have been featured on the Martha Stewart Show. This baby brand places huge emphasis on ‘being green’ and does an amazing job of creating products with the lowest environmental impact (hence the stainless steel!). You can even personalize your Kleynimals making it an awesome baby shower gift.


Little Yoga Mat


The Little Yoga Mat - Hubba Homewares


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Is there anything cuter than a tiny yoga mat for little ones? I think not. Who wouldn’t want to see a little yogi mastering their crow pose or following along you during your morning yoga practice? These pint sized yoga mats are perfect carrying size for your young one. The idea behind The Little Yoga Mat  came to the founder when she was teaching yoga to her daughter’s pre-school class and the big mats didn’t fit in the classroom. So her and her husband cut an adult mat into four small mats, people loved them and she knew she was onto something.


The Little Yoga Mat makes eco-friendly yoga mats that are just the right size for children under the age of four. They are made from an eco-friendly TPE (plush material), biodegradable, recyclable, hypoallergenic and printed with eco-friendly ink!




Prince Lionheart


Prince Lionheart - Hubba Homewares


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Prince Lionheart was started in a garage and  has remained family-owned and operated business since 1973. While their garage has now vastly expanded, Prince Lionheart considers themselves a ‘workshop brand’, which in their own words means they are passionate, hardworking, not too proud, and just roll up their sleeves to get things done. We love this do it yourself attitude and the way this brand hand crafts detailing into their products is a beautiful thing.


This brand makes colourful, playful, beautifully crafted products that will make each room in  your home really shine. From sippy cups, to booster seats, Prince Lionheart has a product that fits into every room of the house.




Ah Goo Baby


Ahgoobaby - Hubba Homewares


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With a name like Ah Goo Baby, you’re asking to be loveable right off the bat. This baby brand makes burp cloths look incredibly sleek. Ah Goo Baby uses gorgeous patterns and the softest, most absorbent fabrics. This particular burp cloth has a whopping seven layers of absorbent fabrics that prevent baby spit-ups from passing through to your clothes.


Ah Goo Baby’s main focus is making upscale, yet affordable products that are geared towards total comfort. Ah Goo Baby prides itself in creating products that resolve daily frustrations and make it easier to change, feed, dress and rest our kids.



My Natural Toy


My Natural Toy - Hubba Homewares


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From teethers, to baby accessories, to eco plates, My Natural Toy makes minimalist, eco friendly products that will make you crack a smile when you look at them. All My Natural Toy products are made in a socially responsible manner that honours the brand’s commitment to their children and the environment.  Providing the healthiest, cuddliest products is My Natural Toy’s priority. Which is one of the reasons why they developed an Eco-Teether from plant based material – just one example of their dedication to innovation and non-toxic solutions.


I’m tempted to switch out all the plates in my house for these animal ones made by My Natural Toy because how fun would it be to have a furry companion during all meals? Some of their products also look cute for a reason. This particular plate has a unique front lip edge and anti-topple designed slip resistant base makes mealtime less messy.



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