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We’re constantly coming across great eco-friendly baby brands at Hubba.  This collection of baby favourites will excite the most earth-friendly parents. Behind each carefully selected brand lies a mother and a wonderful team who are committed to keeping babies healthy and the environment clean.


Our arrangement of  eco-friendly brands include super soft, all natural rubber pacifiers, delicious organic snacks, natural bath & body products, non-toxic lunch bags and teething-safe crib furnishings. Have a look at these irresistible  goodies made for  little ones!






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Natursutten is Danish for “Natural Pacifier”.  It was the first BPA and phthalate free pacifier on the market and is still a favourite, not only by moms, but by the mouths of babes.


The pacifiers are so special because of the material they are made of.  Pure liquid latex is tapped from Rubber trees  from sustainably run plantations in Malaysia, then beautifully handcrafted with love in Italy.  It takes 7 weeks and many steps for each pacifier to be ready for use.


Celebrities such as Cate Blanchet, Jessica Alba and Wiz Khalifa are all fans of these pacifiers and have been spotted using Natursutten to keep their babes calm.




Sweetie Pie Organics






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Every parent knows how much toddlers love to put things in their mouths and they strive to start good eating habits while their children are small.  Providing the right kind of snacks that are convenient, non-messy and healthy can definitely be a challenge. Sweetie Pie Organics covers all the bases inside their cheerful packaging.


Sweetie Pie Organics carry teeny tiny bits of organic freeze-dried fruits and veggies for snacking, yummy purees, and delicious Apple, Sweet Beet and Carrot flavoured tiny wafers. The snacks are tiny enough so moms and dads can relax as their new eaters nibble  away.



My True Nature


My True Nature


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My True Nature bath products are perfect for entertaining your little ones in the bathtub with bubbles and  stories told by the friendly little TubbyTown™ characters on the label of each product.  Meet Daisy, Dewey, Ollie, and Clio.  These mom inspired products are carefully made with organic ingredients and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin conditions, including eczema.


Children love bath time and we agree with My True Nature that their laughter is intoxicating. We love to see children smile, and couldn’t resist these adorable




Milk DotMilk Dot

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When the stylish New York mother, Janet Cho found herself unsatisfied with the selection of lunch bags for little ones, she was inspired to use her design skills to launch her own line of trend setting lunch bags. MilkDot  mini backpacks and lunch kits are ridiculously cute, and are made from completely non toxic materials, making the brand stand out loud and clear to parents around the globe who pack nutritious lunches for their wee ones.


MilkDot bags were made with such care when it came to materials and simple designs, we couldn’t wait to spread the word. The product line offers perfect sized bags for tots, as well as full sized chic options for grown-ups.







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Logic Products offer a whole line of natural eco-friendly chemical-free products for baby, home and pets. We specifically love the TotLogic  Leave-In Conditioner for vanishing tangles and Natural Zinc Oxide SPF 30 sunscreen to protect precious skin from harmful rays all year long.


This mom-inspired product line also offers a chemical-free lice treatment which is a fantastic plant-based alternative to toxic, chemical-filled options.




Babee Talk

BabeeTalk Frog

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Last but not least, Babee Talk became a Hubba favourite for their cute, bright, take-along Eco-Buds and modern designed Organic Bedding.  Everything is made with carefully chosen non-toxic dyes, with organic materials inside and out.


Yes, it’s natural that teething babies love to taste everything in sight, especially crib-rails once they get to that age! Babee Talk now has a safe, eco-friendly solution for this habit with the Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover. No need to worry about splinters or toxic paint. A safe environment  for teething puts everyone at ease.


We truly care about eco-friendly baby brands who put their hearts and minds into the products they distribute and who strive to keep the planet clean!



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