4 Baby and Kids Products Tech-Savvy Parents Will Love


The Internet of Things is fast becoming more than just a buzzword, and mobile-connected products are taking over the retail industry. As such, it makes sense that parents are getting help from more than just caring friends and family, but from their favorite baby and kids products as well.

As you may have noticed from the ABC Kids Expo, next year promises to bring some pretty revolutionary products – from fetal dopplers to USB-connected nursing chairs, parents have a wealth of innovative options to help them connect to their children. Below are just a few exemplary Hubba brands helping parents do it all.


Babymoov takes baby monitoring one step further. Parents need only to download the app to their iPhone or tablet to connect and do everything from monitor room temperature, play music, see and even talk to their little one through the camera. The best part? The Babymoov camera boasts 0% wave emission for you and your tyke’s ultimate safety.

The Baby Shusher by pNeo is a revolutionary new tool that uses time-tested, doctor-recommended techniques to help soothe fussy babies. By emitting loud, rhythmic shushing noises that mimic the sort of sounds babies are accustomed to in-utero, the shusher is able to quickly and effectively calm a baby into a deep sleep.

Rokit Boost’s volume-limited, on-ear Chill Headphones are comfortable, durable and best of all, safe. Chill Headphone limit volume to 85db to “keep children’s ears safe while giving them an amazing sound experience.” They’re incredibly lightweight and durable enough to withstand any active child’s lifestyle. They’re also suitable for tweens, teens and adults.

dokiWatch is more than just the first ever 3G smart-watch for kids, it’s a wearable phone and location tracker too! With video calling, voice calling, messaging, and fitness tracking capabilities, the dokiWatch is great for keeping kids (aged 6-12) active while giving their parents peace of mind.

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