Founders of Negative Underwear Reveal What It Takes to Be a Challenger Brand Attacking the Status Quo in Apparel

Need a model for how you communicate what differentiates your product in a sea of competitors? Learn from the masters in this Hubba video interview with the founders of Negative Underwear, Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vesper. The Negative Underwear product line of well-made and well designed intimate apparel helped them become a strong challenger brand garnering tons of media attention.

In their words, “we’re not lacy, pink lingerie. We’re sheer, seamless and minimal.” They successfully transformed the insight that women didn’t want to wear fancy under things solely for the benefit of others – there was a huge market opportunity for offering beautiful, wearable intimates women could feel great in every day.

Knowing what your customer really wants and going above and beyond to deliver something exceptional is the rumoured secret sauce for disrupting an industry but don’t take our word for it, watch the video and hear from these talented gals yourself:

P.S: Be sure to see Negative Underwear products on Hubba and connect with Lauren.