Ultra-Stylish Wearable Technology Wins Big at CES 2017


Fashion and technology have walked hand-in-hand for years now. In fact, according to ABI Research firm, “Nanotechnology and electronically-embedded fabrics which can communicate with electronic devices, are estimated to sell over 18 million pieces of clothing by 2021.”

Established designer brands, upstart tech firms, and independent designers alike are joining the race to come up with the most groundbreaking article of “smart” clothing to hit the market and blow consumers away. While smartwatches and similar gadgets have previously dominated the wearable technology industry, as per Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times, “In the coming year, we’ll see wearables expanding to clothing and headwear, making our bodies the new habitat for technology and freeing our hands from clutching a phone.”

This sentiment definitely rang true at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as attendees were treated to a wealth of indisputably innovative wearable technology options. Below are just a few examples of what’s to come in 2017…

Vibrating Jeans

Wearable tech firm Spinali Design revealed their line of ‘Essential Jeans’, GPS/denim-hybrids which connect to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth and tell them which direction to take by sending vibrations down their left or right leg. The jeans also use vibrations to alert wearers to incoming calls, texts, emails or set alarms.

A Pollution-Fighting Scarf

French start-up Clausette displayed the ‘Wair’– a pollution-fighting scarf with a built-in air purifier that removes dust and bacteria and can be pulled up around the wearer’s mouth. A perfect accessory for cyclists in cities plagued by pollution.

Athlete-Recovering Sleepwear

Powered by TB12, Under Armour has launched their first-ever line of Athlete Recovery sleepwear. Bioceramics technology is incorporated into the lining of the garments for maximum comfort and fit. In conjunction with the companies UA Record app, athletes are able to speed up recovery time while gaining a better understanding of their sleeping habits.

Stylish Smartwatches

The mainstay of wearable tech – smartwatches – has received an updated look this year. Fossil Group’s booth showcased a multitude of smartwatches from luxury fashion brands like Misfit, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Skagen. From handcrafted leather and woven textiles, to fine metal bands, smartwatches are looking better than ever.

A High-Tech Backpack

Mobile accessory manufacturer Moshi released the perfect bag for “both outdoor enthusiasts and photographers.” The ‘Arcus’ features three compartments with space for a multitude of devices and accessories. The top compartment is crush-resistant in order to protect delicate items like headphones, AR sunglasses, or a VR headset. A roomy main compartment fits bigger items, and the padded electronics compartment is perfect for laptops and tablets and is complete with shock-absorbing pockets.