Looking to Get on a Retailer’s Shelves? These are Consumers’ Favourites


The question of whether brick and mortar retail is dead has been widely debated for a few years now. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, one of your main concerns as a growing retail brand is finding ways to get in front of a retail buyer and getting your products onto their shelves.

Research shows apparel consumers, even omnichannel ones, are still visiting their favorite brick and mortar retailers rather frequently. 80 percent of this demographic have shopped at a physical store at least once in the past 90 days, and more than half have shopped at least three times in the past 90 days, according to Market Force Information’s annual retail industry study.

Market Force Information polled over 10,000 consumers to determine top retail trends and consumer purchasing behavior. The research firm also determined that in terms of important attributes, value was one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing where to shop. Service, atmosphere, and the ability to purchase online were the runners up. Below are how some of the biggest apparel retail chains fared under each category…


Top Merchandise Selection

TJ Maxx was the leader in this category with a score of 59 percent. A retailer with a great selection of products typically has a very good idea of what their consumer wants. As a brand, you have a good chance of being stocked in a retailer like this because they are always looking for something new – provided it matches their consumers’ criteria. Products will likely sell faster as consumers aren’t wasting too much time browsing, or walking out of the store empty-handed because they couldn’t find what they want.

Store Atmosphere

Nordstrom scored a 63 percent for their much-loved store atmosphere. When consumers like the ambiance of a store, logic follows that they’ll keep coming back because, well, it makes them feel good. More visitors means more eyes on your brand, more often. Additionally, this indicates that a store cares a lot about their layout which means your product will be in good hands.


Value for Money Spent

As a brand, you should know what pricing tier your product falls under. Nordstrom may have positioned itself as a higher-end retailer but with a score of 47 percent, they’re also at the top of the ‘Value for Money Spent’ category. If a retailer is more value-focused, it’s likely because their consumer is as well. And for many consumers, value = price point. So if you pride yourself on having a high-quality product with an equally high price, approaching these retailers with caution would be wise.


Ability to create a look

Dillard’s topped this category with a 48 percent score. This attribute is a particularly interesting one for a retailer because it means a consumer can come in and shop for a head-to-toe look under one roof. For a brand, it means that other brands aren’t necessarily your direct competitors, but rather play a complementary part in your overall brand story. Think of it as co-marketing.

Overall, the two highest ranking retailers were Ann Taylor, who got high marks for Store Atmosphere and Value, and Nordstrom who did well across three out of the four categories. Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, and Dillard’s also did well for Ease of Finding What Needed, Speed of Checkout (although American Eagle beat them both on this), and Ability to Find Correct Size.


Quick note on e-commerce

Finally, it would be interesting to note that all of these stores ranked lower in e-commerce. Among the top retailers for e-commerce were Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Walmart. According to Market Force, 42 percent of consumers visited their favorite retailer’s website in the past 90 days, and 68 percent made a purchase. As a brand, these are the things you must consider when thinking about what retailer you’re striving for.

Dayana Cadet

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