That’s a Wrap! Best of Apparel and Accessories Week Launch

Shoes, clothes, handbags, belts, watches, scarves, jewelry…we saw it all (and fell in love) during the Hubba Apparel and Accessories Week event! Week one was filled to the brim with our original industry trend reports, forecasting the breakout styles for the coming year based on what’s happening on runways in New York, London and Paris. Week two saw over 100 exceptional brands featured and celebrated for their quality and style in the fashion world. Here’s our highlight reel of the top 5 posts, be sure to share the wisdom to your networks on Twitter.

#1. The most popular article by far was our exclusive secret interview with a luxury retail buyer. She shared incredible insights like: what buyers know about why products don’t sell, the specific criteria that new brands must meet, and the matrix every buyer uses to create balanced product assortments. Woah, talk about the inside scoop. Read it now.

#2. The week was ablaze with excitement about our trend report for women’s wear and accessories. Velour, metallics, corduroy, grommets and daytime sequins — these are definitely things we can get excited about. Read it now.

#4. With the recent news of an empowering lingerie ad banned by major TV networks who frowned upon size diversity, our interview with Micki Krimmel couldn’t have been shared at a better time. Micki, the founder of Superfit Hero, saw the opportunity to create change in the fitness industry by developing a line of body-positive performance apparel. Our fave line was “women don’t want to be small anymore. We want to be big and strong” #hellyeah. Read it now.

#3. It’s more important than ever for brands to have a strategy in place to gain and retain advocates. Get to know these 10 Instagrammers who know – and are sometimes even influencing – fashion inside and out. Read it now.

#5. From the snappy shoes to the well tailored shirt, an unexpected pop of color from a belt or a highly functional jacket with pockets in just the right place, there are just some items that make the world of difference. The Hubba scouts have struck gold again and discovered the retail gems your shoppers can’t live without. Read it now.