Saks is the Latest Retailer to Go “Boutique-Style”, Promises More Up-and-Coming Designers


Saks is the latest in a string of retail giants who seem to be coming around to the idea that, yes, less might actually be more. The luxury department chain has just opened up Saks Downtown, a new concept store in New York’s lower Manhattan area. The 86,000 square foot store is considerably smaller than Saks’ usual locations and for a reason. “Saks Downtown may be our second store in NYC, but it is the first of its kind,” explained President of Saks Fifth Avenue, Marc Metrick. “The design is open, the edit is unique, and it’s quite simply fun to shop.”

Aside from breathing new life into New York City’s already work-in-progress Financial District, Saks Downtown aims to bring a more curated experience to fashion-obsessed shoppers while elevating edgy, new designers in the process. Sure enough, their product assortment will focus primarily on emerging brands, many of whom are not used to being carried in major department stores. These budding brands often find it difficult to work with major chains due to their inability to meet minimum order requirements and/or deadlines. Saks Fashion Director Roopal Patel is excited for the change, describing Saks’ work with younger brands as a “partnership.” “We have daily communication,” she explained. “We’re really looking to build and nurture their businesses together… Young designers are really excited about where Saks is going and they want to be a part of it, so I’m very happy; I’m very proud of that.”

While we’ve already discussed how this shift towards smaller, boutique-style stores are slowly but surely replacing massive chains, it also comes as no surprise that along with the smaller territory, companies are now embracing craft brands. After all, Hubba’s very own leader Ben Zifkin said it best, “Small is going to be HUGE.”

The rise of the craft brand is real and it’s happening – embrace it!


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