Ridiculous Retail: The Weirdest Items to Sell Out in 2016


After the year we’ve had, it’s no wonder the vast majority of us  are welcoming 2017 with wide open arms. But you know what they say – we laugh to keep from crying. The past 12 months has seen some of the most unusual products in the retail industry. And while we know how much consumers love brands brave enough to break the status quo – how far is too far? You tell us…

Supreme’s $30 Brick

This isn’t what we mean when we say “brick and mortar” but that didn’t stop uber-cool streetwear brand Supreme from selling literal bricks at $30 a pop. While the brand is no stranger to novelty items, the branded brick from their Fall/Winter ’16 collection (which sold out in minutes) is certainly a head-scratcher. Image via Supreme New York

“Smells Like Chicken!”

When asked why America’s favourite fried chicken place was giving away 3,000 free bottles of Colonel Sanders’ Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen, KFC CMO Kevin Hochman remarked, “Suntan lotion always smells like lotion. So we thought — why not make it smell like fried chicken?” Why not indeed. Image via Business Insider

Cheetos’ Foray into Luxury

In another example of a popular junk food brand surprising us by entering into a completely different industry category, Cheetos rolled out its first-ever luxury holiday gift catalogue to unnerving success. The online store ran the gamut in products from household items (like “Toilet Paw-per”) to luxurious pieces such as a $20,000 jewelry set… which all sold out within days. Image via Cheetos

The [$85] Rock

Consumers looking for “beautiful designs that embody both simplicity and functionality,” to gift to someone over the holidays needed to look no further than this leather-wrapped stone, designed by LA artist Peter Maxwell and sold exclusively at Nordstrom’s. The $85 rock sold out quickly and actually has very good reviews on the company’s website, proving that minimalism is always in. Image via Nordstrom

Walk This Way…or That

While we have yet to see these in stores, we thought Hood By Air’s double-facing western boots deserved an honorable mention. The off-the-wall shoes made waves as they walked down the runway back in September for the Spring/Summer 2017 shows, probably inspiring more questions than they did answers – the most popular one being, “How would you walk up and down the stairs in those?” Image via Giovanni Giannoni/Fairchild