Men’s Apparel Spotlight: Wardrobe Staples and Trends Men Will Spend On

Fashion is fluid and one can never tell what will be hot one season to the next. But men’s clothing has its staples and those are timeless. Boutique @ Ogilvy, a fashion public-relations firm, reports that men aged 18+ spend an average of $85 per month on clothing – that’s $10 more than the women’s average. Accordingly, the study estimates that the menswear market will expand at almost twice the rate of womenswear, growing 8.3 percent to become a $110.3 billion market.


Stocking up on the Staples

Men spend around 13 minutes each day picking through their wardrobe. That’s about 4 months spent in their adult life with their nose in their closets. With all that time and care spent on cultivating how they look, men obviously take fashion seriously and are ready to spend on the right apparel and accessories. Blazers are one of those never-out-of-style pieces. BauBax, the most funded clothing project in the history of crowd-funding, has created a travel blazer that is perfect for the man on-the-go. Belts are another staple in any wardrobe. Finding a belt that can serve multiple purposes is key, and that’s what Jelt Belt has done – created an easy-to-use belt for the casual, active, and professional man.

Statement pieces are very on-trend. My Statehood has the perfect collection to satisfy with a new kind of educational and patriotic apparel line perfect for customers who want to standout.

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