#HubbaStories: Retailer Asadra Uses Hubba to Establish Meaningful Apparel Designer and Influencer Connections

Note: #HubbaStories is a new series highlighting the successes of our community of really amazing and unique craft brands, retailers and influencers. You’ve been a big part of making Hubba what it is. This is your time. Check in here at the blog for #HubbaStories to congratulate your peers, and learn more about how you can use Hubba to accomplish your next goals. Let’s get things done.

Founded by three friends on a mission, Asadra is a fashion retailer transforming the industry by bringing ethical and unique clothing to the mainstream. The online platform allows users who love style but don’t want to contribute to the fast fashion market to browse thousands of smaller, high-quality fashion brands. “We want you to know the story behind your clothes and be proud of what you wear,” says Andrew Cameron, co-founder of the e-commerce platform.

Still in the initial stages of carefully curating their product line, Asadra was looking for unique and well-crafted brands to add to their roster.

“It is also our goal to get [a few] fashion influencers and use them to promote our designer products out there [on social media]. When they share a product, ASADRA will give them 5% of any new sales.” Andrew continues. Developing relationships with influencers who are also working to establish themselves helps create a mutually beneficial small business relationship. It’s a win-win situation designed to elevate both brands’ reputation. But how are you supposed to find them? The internet is a big place.

How Hubba Helped

Hubba helps you gain a deeper understanding of your industry and the up-and-coming players within it. Easily browse brands, retailers, and influencers and start a conversation that can be more than 140 characters. On our network, you can establish meaningful business connections.

“I do like the emails that come around from you guys. They’re a great way to stay updated,” Andrew continues. Hubba is a living, breathing platform that grows by hundreds of users every day. We have a Community Management team that works hard to help you connect with the right people. Get notifications right to your inbox as we find people you should know.

“We’re searching for designers, so we scoured the internet for a brand that meets our criteria.” Through the network, ASADRA discovered a designer from Hong Kong with beautiful products. “They responded immediately,” Andrew recalls. “She’s already up on [our site]!” Hubba eliminates the hours of Googling key words to find the right brand. With the largest product discovery network in the world, Hubba has become the meeting place for all sects of commerce – brand, retailer, and influencers alike.