Hubba’s Apparel Trend Spotlight: Loungewear

In 2016, home comforts become the inspiration for a new, ultra-casual style as we increasingly embrace an easy, weekend-style dress code. The rise of the working-from-home culture and longing for a better work-life balance have had a huge influence on fashion, and we expect this to continue to grow and develop. Loungewear is very much about utility and comfort. But in contrast to the ‘athleisure’ trend that we have seen developing over the last couple of years, this concept is not about working out. In fact, it’s the opposite: it’s about staying in bed or lying on the sofa all day.

First seen in Fashion Week street style in 2012-13, pyjama dressing was styled in a glamorous tongue-in-cheek way by fashionistas adapting the looks of a handful of designers’ spring/summer 2012 shows. It’s taken a little while to catch on, but this daring look has finally found itself being picked up as a commercial trend, with Kate Moss launching her own pyjama-dressing collection with Topshop this season.

While pyjama dressing is about wearing your fancy nightwear out of the house during the day, the loungewear trend is more to do with staying at home and feeling comfortable. Some catwalk designers have taken this to the extreme – for instance, Simone Rocha in her autumn/winter 2016-17 collection. Other early runway influencers include Céline, Jonathan Saunders and Stella McCartney.

Key items within this trend include the maxi-cardigan, the sweatshirt dress, the loose crewneck sweater, the poncho and the tapered-leg sweatpants. With a largely neutral colour palette consisting of grey marl and varying tones of charcoal and camel, it’s all about the details and materials. Asymmetric shapes, carefully tapering and feature slicing and soft fringing, give items seasonal relevance and separate them from regular ‘mooching around’ gear.

Easy, relaxed silhouettes and soft, comfortable, luxurious fabrics are key to this look. Timeless pieces created in sumptuous materials such as cashmere and merino wool have become increasingly popular. Featherlight and lofty knits are layered together creating a sense of elegance, while ribs of varying gauges create a feminine, body-hugging silhouette. Accessories are also kept soft with coordinated belts, scarves and soft, foldable clutch bags. 1) 2) H&M 3) Bershka 4) Joseph 5) Gap 6) Joseph

What is the future for loungewear?

If there are any clues to be found in the enduring sneaker revolution, we should happily brace ourselves for a comfort revolution. The luxe loungewear trend is set to have a longer but slower-burning trend arc. With female equality and girl power in full swing, women are to further embrace masculine dressing with lounge suits and sartorial accessories. After-dark influences will seep further into daywear ,and we should expect materials to become even more opulent with jacquards, embroidery, silk, satin and deep velours. A sense of playfulness remains vital here.

Jacqui Ma

Jacqui Ma

Jacqui Ma is an accessories and footwear specialist who has been an influential trend forecaster since 2008. She is also the founder of Goodordering, an east London-based bag company. With more than 10+ years of experience working across product design, fashion and lifestyle, she predicts the future one trend at a time.
Jacqui Ma