Hubba Defines Biggest Trends of 2016 with the Launch of Apparel and Accessories on #Leapday

It’s official, Apparel and Accessories has launched as a new category in Hubba!

Not only is it #leapday, which is reason in itself to eat cake, the whole team is additionally full of candy and celebration because we have so many favorite brands in this new industry group to share with the world. Don’t worry, Health and Wellness, Sports and Outdoors, and of course Pets are still where we love to trendspot top products. And us parents are no stranger to scoping out the fantastic goodies coming in to the Baby and Kids category. But there’s something special about the way fashion and must-have items to wear can create tangible ripples in the world.

Hubba has planned an extra special week to help showcase the amazing people and products making magic happen in the industry. With the help of our Global Hubba Editor Jacqui who’s watching what’s happening on the runways of London, Paris and New York, we’ll be calling out trends for Apparel and Accessories all week long, followed up by putting a huge spotlight on the exceptional fashion brands in Hubba all of next week.

Stay tuned all week to find out what is being forecasted as the biggest trends in the Apparel and Accessories industry for the coming year, what buyers are looking for and all the product inspiration you can handle.

Can’t wait? Ready to find out what Apparel and Accessory brands are big in Hubba right now? Grab the the full list of who’s participating.

Header image credit – The Chooka waterproof boots from Washington Shoe, gorgeous!