Hillary Clinton… Style Icon?


Election Day is here and with it, a reflective attitude. While many just can’t wait for it to be over and done with, others are going over the past year, taking stock of each candidate’s words, actions and perhaps more fittingly, reactions.

One surprising thing that came out of this election year is a newfound love for pantsuits. Unintentionally, Hillary has emerged as a rather unexpected style icon, with her distinct fashion sense endlessly examined. Meanwhile, what Forbes is calling “The Nasty Woman Economy” is producing record-breaking sales.

Killer Sales

It all began when Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” in the final presidential debate. Of course, he didn’t mean it as a compliment, but in a surprising twist, women began embracing the term, redefining it to be a term for empowerment.

Since then, we’ve seen an inundation of of items – from apparel, to home goods, and even perfume – have popped up for sale online, all with the now infamous “nasty” label. Des Moines-based mini-chain Raygun doubled their sales after introducing their “America Needs Nasty Women” t-shirts. The one-woman operation Google Ghost sold over 10,000 items from its Nasty Woman line, donating a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. E-commerce site Swanky Press saw a 350% jump in sales in a mere 24 hours. “I kept thinking about that comment after the debate, and how the phrase now has a totally different meaning,” explained Elizabeth Holliday, lead designer for Swanky Press. “It has morphed from the insult that Trump intended to a badge of honor for accomplished women.” Never one to lag behind when it comes to retail trends, head of billion-dollar clothing retailer, Sophia Amoruso, having already embraced the word ‘nasty’ eons ago, temporarily changed her site’s name from Nasty Gal to Nasty Woman.

Amoruso wasn’t the only one with one foot already in the Nasty Woman Economy – according to Spotify, streams of singer Janet Jackson’s 1986 single “Nasty” increased 250% after the debate.

An Iconic Silhouette

The term “Nasty Woman” aside, pantsuit sales have also shot up as everyone from celebrities, to designers, to uber-chic street-stylers revive this trend. Once seen as dated, pantsuits are now seen as more than just a professional wardrobe staple, but one with a strong message close to many women’s’ hearts. Roundups of Hillary Clinton’s best style moments litter the internet as people even compare her style back in the day to today’s trends (yes, Hillary wore the “cold shoulder” look back when it was cool – the first time).

So what has this taught us? As we’ve said before, as a brand or retailer, you never know when something will unexpectedly become an overnight super-trend. As a presidential nominee? Watch what you say – consumers vote with their wallets just as much as their minds.

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