French Footwear Brand Piola Partners with NYC’s Bobbito Garcia to Release Sneaker “Por Fin”

A recurring theme you will keep hearing from us is that “Hubba is where products get found”. To us that is really all about discovery, and when we talk about discovery it doesn’t have to be limited to just products, because sometimes the people behind the products are just as interesting and that is definitely the case here. The headline of this post is “French Footwear Brand Piola Partners with NYC’s Bobbito Garcia to Release Sneaker “Por Fin”. If you follow the world of sneakerheads this is a big deal and you understand the importance of this immediately.

For those “discovering” this for the first time lets unpack it a tiny bit: Bobbito Garcia is a NYC Legend. That is kind of the only way to describe him, well and that he is a world-renowned DJ, acclaimed author of Where’d You Get Those? NYC’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987. In 2007, Nike released seven co-designed Air Force 1 sneakers bearing his signature. He is an award-winning filmmaker having directed two documentaries, Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC and Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives.

Some people know him as “Kool Bob Love” where he produces his tournament Full Court 21™ All World on four continents, and he is also working on his new Bobbito for Piola “Por Fin” shoe release…and that is why he is on the Hubba Blog.

This month will see French footwear brand, PIOLA, release the first model of a co-designed collection with Bobbito Garcia. The Por Fin is birthed from a 12-month design and production process. It will be an instant collectable silhouette for sneakerheads and shoe lovers looking for something new from an emerging brand in the sneaker landscape. The most interesting collaborations come from two unique personalities and mindsets sharing a common vision. The goal of this project was to merge Bobbito’s experience in New York City’s 70’s lifestyle and sneaker culture with the innovative development process that Piola is setting up coupled with high end manufacturing.

Bobbito Garcia explained to us: “I named the first model for my Piola collection ‘Por Fin’ because in Spanish it means ‘At Last.’ I’ve been drawing sneakers and logos since 1980 when I was in high school, and started customizing/accessorizing my shoes even before that.” Garcia continued, “in the last 10+ years, I’ve been blessed to do collabs with the top brands, but those have always been me putting my spin on an already iconic silhouette. Piola is very creative artistically/socially and has given me the opportunity to start from scratch, and working with them was beyond a thrill because I respect their ethos, from transparency to creating a fundamental innovation in economic development in Peru to helping independent farmers source natural rubber. They’re fresh and promising. I’m experienced and still hungry to be unique and creative. We’re a good union of minds! And something like this in my sneaker career has been a long time coming.”

The “Por Fin” model will be exclusively distributed in iconic sneaker and concept stores like Extra Butter in NYC on the 25th of March. The artistic stamp of elegance from Piola is easily identified on the outsole through the colorful blue insert and clean lines, while enhanced with a distinguished finishing touch from Bobbito on the stretched tongue and upper mold.

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Saul Colt

Saul Colt

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Saul Colt