Creating a Brand Legacy: Kangol’s Premium Hats Blend Heritage with Modern Style


Founded in 1938, Kangol is one of Hubba’s most established hat wear brands. Recognized the world over for their premium line of headwear, their slogan is one of our absolute faves: “Born British and Raised in New York,” which signals their strong English heritage and timeless appeal.

Watch the video to meet Kangol’s Design Director, Nic Harris and hear about this brand’s incredible rise to fame. For instance, did you know that Kangol’s original roster of traditional hats and knitted berets were sold primarily in the UK but the brand was adopted by the New York Hip Hop scene in the early 80s, where it picked up the moniker “Kangaroo Hats” (hence the distinctive logo)? Kangol has since evolved to cater to all occasions and ages, priding itself on maintaining its distinct quality and craftsmanship while adopting new techniques and staying relevant to today’s trends. What will your brand legacy be?

Be sure to connect with the Kangol team on Hubba and check out the Kangol line of products!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet