Cheetos Rolls Out Luxury Apparel Collection Just in Time for the Holidays


Last week, Cheetos rolled out its first-ever holiday gift catalogue. But rather than the typical seasonal snacks one would expect, the company has come out with a line of luxury goods.

We’re not kidding. As per a publicist for the brand, “The Cheetos brand is a family fun brand and the Cheetos Store is intended for the ultimate Cheetos fan. We’re hoping that through the Cheetos Store, fans can not only enjoy eating our snacks, but can also gift keepsakes that bring that fun, gutsy personality to life for the holidays.”

Inspired by Cheetos mascot, Chester Cheetah’s “paw-manship” and “exquisite tastes,” the snack-inspired lineup heavily features Cheetos’ signature fiery orange-red color and, of course, tons of cheetah-print. Surprisingly, most of the items from the collection are sold out. But die-hard fans can still snag up a Dangerously Silky scarf for $54 or a pair of Chester Cheetah’s High Top Slippers for $30.

The assortment also includes non-apparel items like Toilet Paw-per for the more practical consumer, Colour de Cheetos bronzer for the makeup-obsessed, and perhaps the pièce de résistance, the Eye of the Cheetah – a $20,000 earring and ring set made using 18-karat gold, 113 black diamonds, 78 white diamonds and three orange sapphires.


While seemingly outlandish, Cheetos is not the first company to branch out of the food and beverage world with success. Novelty items that break the status quo are a popular product category and the holidays are definitely the smartest time to release them. After all, what do you get the person who already has everything?

As for Cheetos, the Designs by Chester Cheetah collection will be available exclusively via their online store through to December 31st, while supplies last.


Image and video via Cheetos

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