Bringing the Endless Aisle in Store: Will This Matter For Apparel Brands?


For many companies, the divide between their store locations and online business is apparent. Often, different departments are created to address each individually and results are only compared at quarter’s end or during year-over-year reviews. While balancing one’s online and offline businesses can be challenging, New York & Co. has rolled out “endless aisle” kiosks in their brick and mortar stores – with outstanding results. The shopping experience remains intact for those who like to stop and shop, but for those who like the ease of online shopping, there is the option of seeing the merchandise in person. If something is not available in-store, the kiosk, which is connected to New York & Co.’s online branch of the business, makes it possible to search, find and buy the look, color or size shoppers are seeking out.

Here’s why “endless aisles” can be a game changer for fashion brands moving forward.

The Future of Shopping?

Shoppers are fickle. Some only shop in person, some only online – and still there are a great many shoppers who can’t make up their mind about which option they prefer. Creating online kiosks in-store may be the bridge to this gap that companies have struggled to create for their customers. Allowing the option to see the product and order it online while in-store promises a whole new shopping experience for people who like the ease of online, but need that tactile moment before ultimately deciding to buy. This option can also help with online purchase returns, as shoppers get to see before buying.

Including Mobile in the Mix

Along with offering an online shopping experience in-store, New York & Co. is also touching base with their customers through their smartphones: their special offer emails have a 70% open rate via mobile. CEO Gregory Scott shared with, “We have seen strong performance in our e-commerce business largely driven by increases in our mobile commerce sales.” Keeping their email files updated and using a mobile strategy to drive customer engagement completes a successful formula for connecting the shopping options from mobile, to in-store, to online. As a brand looking to bring all of these aspects together, this could be a great model to emulate for an accessible shopping experience for omnichannel shoppers.

Jill England

Jill England

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