New Influencer Series Teaches You How to Reach Your First 50k Followers


With over 200,000 followers, Two Monkeys Travel are experts at leveraging Facebook. If growing your Facebook is on your roadmap (which it should be), Two Monkeys Travel and Hubba will be hosting a webinar to help get you to your first 50,000 followers on Facebook.

The Two Monkeys Journey

“The hardest part is breaking 10,000 followers,” says Kach Medina Umandap, one half of travel blogger powerhouse Two Monkeys Travel. She says that after you hit this important milestone, your number of followers snowballs into numbers you couldn’t imagine. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to share these two influencers’ most coveted secrets to mastering Facebook – a tool she says is vital to becoming an influencer in most any industry.

Kach Medina Umandap from the Philippines and Jonathan Howe from the UK first met in Laos on separate backpacking trips. Jonathan was on a motorbike tour around Asia, and Kach was backpacking with her brother and sister. The two hit it off while exploring waterfalls and the countryside for a few days, and then set off on their individual journeys. They kept in contact online, talking every day until they reunited in Hanoi for a couple weeks.

Kach and Jonathan haven’t been apart since, and have traveled all over South East AsiaIndia, the Maldives, the UK, the United StatesSouth America and Central America.

Before they became the formidable travel industry influencers they are today, the pair managed to find odd jobs to fund their travels, including volunteering at farms, teaching English, becoming certified yoga instructors, practicing massage therapy, proof-reading for online publications, and working at the hostel they stayed at.

Today, Jonathon describes their travel style as “a blend of luxury and adventure – seeking out the most incredible experiences on foot, mountain bike, motorbike, up mountains, through rivers and out of aeroplanes, before arriving at a luxury hotel, to be soothed back to life with a spa, a massage and some fine food!” They explore all corners of the world while managing a roster of more than 20 blog contributors and a staff of assistants and marketing managers.

But it hasn’t always been all luxury hotels and being escorted through the jungle for these two. When they were first making the transition from leisure-travelers to paid influencers, they were hustling to figure it out just like you and I.