What’s the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year? The Answer May Shock You


When asked to guess the biggest shopping day of the year, most people would default to Black Friday. Historically, Black Friday has been known to produce massive amounts of foot traffic, with shoppers quite literally falling over each other to get at deep discounts just in time for Christmas. But you’d be surprised to hear that there may be an even bigger day in retail…

Experts report that Black Friday may soon be losing its crown to one unexpected date, December 23rd. According to RetailNext, a firm that tracks retail shopper traffic, Black Friday is likely to draw far less crowds this year than ever before.

The significance of Black Friday has diminished as retailers launch post-Thanksgiving sales earlier and earlier with each passing year. The increase in promotional activity year-round may be what’s making Black Friday seem less interesting to consumers. In fact, Black Friday sales fell 12% to $10.2 billion in the past year. “As retailers have continued the trend to open more stores on Thanksgiving Day, it has pilfered away both sales and traffic from Black Friday,” said Shelley Kohan, Vice President of Retail Consulting at RetailNext. “This year, with Christmas falling on a Sunday, most shoppers will want to cut short their shopping early on Saturday, December 24, leaving the day before, Friday, as retail’s biggest opportunity for sales.”

RetailNext also predicts that the second biggest shopping day of the year will be “Super Saturday” (December 17th), bumping Black Friday coming into third place. Check out the Top 10 biggest days in retail below:

  1. Friday, December 23
  2. Super Saturday, December 17
  3. Black Friday, November 25
  4. Thursday, December 22
  5. Wednesday, December 21
  6. Sunday, December 18
  7. Saturday, December 24
  8. Saturday, December 10
  9. Friday, December 16
  10. Saturday, December 3

Does this change how you’re thinking of doing promotions? What are the biggest shopping days of the year for your business? Sounds off down below!

Dayana Cadet

Dayana Cadet

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Dayana Cadet