What is Facebook Live, And How Can It Help Your Business?


Videos have taken the marketing world by storm – many industries are utilizing social media as a way to broadcast videos of their products and services to far-reaching audiences. Now, Facebook has Facebook Live – videos that can be streamed at any time, live.

What is Facebook Live

Video content used to be something companies would have to invest time and money into. It involved videographers, expensive equipment, producers, and editors. Today, the time, effort and investment needed to produce such content has been pretty much eliminated, as smart phones and easy-to-use apps online have made it possible for anyone to create and share video. Facebook Live provides the ability for brands to upload live content and engage with their consumers via video, all with a simple tap of the ‘live stream’ icon on ones smartphone. Using this function of the platform is as easy as ensuring a strong connection, writing a description of what the live video (or video series) will cover and sending out the information so people know when it will be going live. It’s really that easy.

Videos are outpacing TV 

Most industries have taken notice of this trend and see the invaluable marketing and sales opportunities. Many brands have their own channels on YouTube, Instagram or stream live from their Facebook pages to showcase best practices, products and “how to” lists all from their social media platforms. This transfers into brand recognition and also as a go to for customers, as well as a place to learn about the newest products and chat with others interested in the same things, which builds an interactive feel around the brand in its entirety. Videos for Generation Z are watched more frequently online than on television, worldwide. 

How any industry can utilize Facebook Live

This option on Facebook can be used for many things, and many industries. Food and Beverage, Pets, Apparel, Sports and Outdoors, and the Health and Wellness industry can all take advantage of this feature using these three strategies:

  • Product launches. Facebook Live is a great tool for getting new product information out to your viewers, who in turn can share that information with their network. A live demonstration of the product, how it works, and also the ability to answer questions as they roll in from viewers are all very useful tools for any brand in any industry.
  • Connecting with your audience. Crowd sourcing ideas and feedback is another great way to use this tool. As a craft brand, one may not necessarily have the funds to test the product idea, but seeing how their audience responds to a prototype may provide invaluable information. Sourcing the audience for new ideas allows them to feel as though they have a personal hand in creating something new and being a part of your brand story.
  • Tutorials. Interactive products or brands that with products that require some education can offer live tutorials directly to their consumers. The shareable aspect of the app helps spread that knowledge and increases brand awareness.

The possibilities with Facebook Live are endless. Most brands may find it useful, especially if their marketing budget is especially tight. For craft brands in various industries, Facebook Live can be a great tool to build up their Facebook following, perhaps by hosting weekly series that pertain to their mission statement or product, and using all three of the options above to further engage their audience.

Jill England

Jill England

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Jill England