Snapchat’s New Spectacles: What This Could Mean For Retail


The Snapchat craze has yet to show any signs of fading. As part of Snap, Inc., the popular social app’s new camera company, CEO Evan Spiegel has released Spectacles, a pair of sunglasses with a built-in camera that allows the wearer to record the world around them from their perspective.

At $130 a pop, consumers are already lining up in droves to get their hands on these special shades. A little surprising, considering that Snapchat is taking the pop-up shop concept to an almost excruciating new level – the only way to buy the glasses is through a singular, travelling, pop-up vending machine. The ‘Snapbot’ machine has been popping up all over the country to undisclosed locations with very little warning ahead of time, resulting in extreme line-ups once they’re found… all so everyone can get a pair before supplies run out and the machine disappears forever.

While this may seem like just another fad, it actually got us thinking. In a world obsessed with sharing every aspect of our lives, what could the Spectacles mean for the rest of retail?

Image via Spectacles

Experiential Marketing just got more interesting

Snap, Inc. is really milking the exclusivity of this product for all it’s worth. But how can other brands and retailers use this product to their advantage?

What about doling them out before a special event, much like handing out 3D glasses at the movie theatre? Sure, you can always try to have your guests post what a great time they’re having using a personalized event hashtag, but handing them the tools to do so pretty much guarantees your consumers will share the experience.

On a smaller scale, even wearing the shades yourself and giving your Snapchat followers behind-the-scenes footage of an exclusive event involving your company is a great way to connect with your consumers.

Give your influencers something to work with

Thinking of doing a ‘Snapchat takeover’? Give them a pair of these babies and let the Spectacles do the rest. After all, what’s more off-the-cuff than seeing the world (and your product) through someone else’s eyes?

Video courtesy of CNET

The possibilities are endless

We’re just speculating here, but this could inspire a series of new products meant to wirelessly adapt to live-streaming products just like the Spectacles. After all, experts say the Internet of Things is well on its way to becoming the Internet of Everything… before we know it, Spectacles will be able to pair with more than just our phones, and wearable technology will become as ubiquitous as our smartphones.

What are your thoughts on the new Spectacles? Will you be lining up to get a pair?

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