Male Shoppers Love Pinterest – Here’s Why


Pinterest’s audience has increased from 100 million users in September 2015 to 150 million active monthly users in September 2016 – and 40% of those new users are men.  What are they up to?

Men are Using Pinterest in Ways You May Not Expect

Pinterest joined the social media scene in 2011, and soon became a fast growing online tool for consumers – mostly women – looking to plan the perfect event, gather interior design ideas for their homes and “pin” their favorite, in-season wardrobe options. Pinterest allows its users to express their style and pin things from around the web that inspire them on their own personalized virtual vision board. So it was quite a pleasant surprise to learn 40% of Pinterest’s newest members are men. It’s exciting to learn men are jumping on board to express and share their inspirations on Pinterest, as well as purchasing the products that will bring their boards to life. Here are few unexpected ways men are utilizing Pinterest that may shock you.

They love Kids, Baby and Toy boards

Men are seeking out Pinboards with titles like “Stuff for Stay At Home Dads,” in their hunt for new ways to connect with their kids. These boards provide activities, projects and products all geared towards men engaging with their children. In this category, men are using Pinterest as a way to create a personalized shopping cart for children’s clothes, toys and accessories. Men who pin are more likely to buy than women; women are pinning for inspiration, men are pinning to purchase.

They’re pinning the ultimate in “Man Cave” inspiration

Pinterest has a lot of boards centered around the idea of creating the perfect “man cave,” and other masculine home ideas. Home décor boards highlighting styles and brands of furniture, accessories and lighting all needed to achieve that perfect space are especially popular amongst those looking for an at-home male retreat.

Sports and Outdoors lovers are pinning their favorite places

Male users are keeping track of their favorite angling spots, best places to camp, and the most unforgettable places to ski, snowboard, cycle or run. The Pinterest man loves to share the brands they use to help them relax on their time off, or to pursue their sports and outdoor hobbies.  Things such as fishing gear, camping accessories or winter sports equipment are all highlighted in their shared posts.

Growing your brand awareness through Pinterest

If Pinterest continues to grow as it is, it will have 200 million users by September 2017 – with a sizable demographic of men. As a smaller brand, consider joining Pinterest as a way to create buzz, increase your brand awareness, and connect with new customers who may already be pinning your product photos to their boards.

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