Hubba, Shopify, Google and Microsoft Join Forces to Support the Launch of Canada Learning Code


New initiative will lead to 10,000,000 new technology education experiences across the nation by 2027.

I am so proud to announce the launch of Canada Learning Code.  This new initiative is focused on providing Canadians with 10,000,000 meaningful technology education experiences. Hubba is a founding member of this program and we have teamed up with other companies like Shopify, Google, Microsoft and Boeing, other firms like Georgian Partners and other community partners.

As Canada moves to a knowledge-based economy, it is imperative that we, as a nation, increase our digital literacy.  Technology impacts ever sector of our economy and having a workforce more knowledgeable of the digital world we work in will only benefit all of us.

I am honoured to be on the board of directors of Ladies Learning Code. Watching the growth of the organization from an idea to a national movement has been an immense thrill. As Justin Lafayette of Georgian Partners joined The Board in 2015, he challenged the team to think bigger.

Now, with the addition of Tobi Lutke from Shopify and Boris Wertz from Version One Ventures, the organization is taking things to a whole new level and creating a larger umbrella organization called Canada Learning Code.

Canada Learning Code will be the overarching entity overseeing this huge initiative. We will be working with government and local partners to roll out the program. There are very few things that you can get involved with that can help change the dynamic of an entire country. I am so excited for the role that Hubba gets to play in that.

We live in the best country in the world but it is all of our responsibility to continue to make it better.

With great optimism,