Facebook Joins Forces with PayPal to Bring Consumers In-App Payment Option

PayPal and Facebook have joined forces. The partnership now gives users the ability to make purchases while browsing on Facebook.

Having the option to purchase with PayPal while on Facebook will lend great opportunity for smaller brands who rely on the social media giant for building brand awareness, marketing and consumer engagement. Currently, this option is available to U.S. users only, but that will most likely change as the capability further develops.

Small businesses rejoice

Many craft businesses utilize Facebook as their homepage or virtual storefront. Visibility on Facebook brings extraordinary audience accessibility for smaller brands, however the ability for consumers to buy directly on the platform may have been the missing component needed for brands hoping to reach the next level of growth. The partnership now makes it possible for small businesses to offer their customers the PayPal purchase option directly through their Facebook business page. With PayPal linking to Facebook, notifications from the app will be delivered via Messenger, such as receipts for PayPal transactions. For small businesses using Facebook as their hub, this partnership means stronger control over how customer interaction with their brand on the platform, namely, making purchases without having to leave the network.

Keeping it all in one place

With this new partnership, there is no need to reroute consumers from one place to another in order to complete a purchase. This streamlines the process with the backing of PayPal, which is known for its information security. According to Facebook, new businesses and businesses already on Facebook can easily add the PayPal payment method to their page by accessing the Ads Manager tab. For mobile purchasing especially, this option is invaluable, as it won’t steer potential business away – purchasing is done with a few clicks all on Facebook.

“Conversational Commerce”

Purchasing through chatbots is not yet commonplace, however that will change, and soon. eBay has already launched a form of “conversational commerce” by enabling purchase through multiple chatbots. Facebook has been aggressive about using Messenger to play host to thousands of new chatbots, meaning the plan to introduce conversation commerce with the PayPal/Facebook partnership is surely on the horizon.

Jill England

Jill England

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