Black Friday is on the Horizon: Top 5 Best Deals Consumers Can Expect This Year


Black Friday is fast approaching, and with it, the mad dash from retailers to appease massive crowds of deal-hungry shoppers, charming them into their stores with door-busting discounts and insane incentives.

Over the years, consumers have come to expect the very best deals in the days surrounding Thanksgiving, and retailers are eager to please. Below are our favorite examples of big box retailers pulling out all the stops this season.

The early bird gets the worm

Walmart is kicking off Black Friday deals especially early – more than two weeks before the shopping holiday to be exact. Consumers can take advantage of deals worth over 60% off right this second but there’s a catch – they’re only available to shoppers via Walmart’s app. Those without the mobile app will have to wait until 12:01am on Thanksgiving day to get access to these deals on, and 6pm that evening to shop in-store.

A win/win situation

Other retailers are opting to lure customers in with promises of major winnings. J.C. Penney, who’s doors open at 3pm on Thanksgiving Day (two hours ahead of most retailers), will be handing out hundreds of coupons worth between $10 and $500. The retailer is also offering 24-hour pre-Black Friday deals online and in-store until the end of this week. Cyber shoppers can access Black Friday sales on J.C. Penney’s site as of midnight the day before Thanksgiving.

Old Navy is stepping it up a (couple) notches, not only offering customers some pretty steep savings but giving them the chance to earn free money as well. From November 23rd to 28th, Old Navy will be hosting a sweepstakes through which customers can win a grand prize of $100,000 everyday until Black Friday. They’ll also be handing out scratch-off tickets in partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill, Coca-Cola, Fandango and more.

Driving sales through apps

While Walmart is hoping to entice early birds to shop through their app, other retailers are also following in the retail chain’s footsteps. Target’s Black Friday sales officially begin the day before Thanksgiving, however, customers will have to download the retailer’s app, called “Cartwheel,” to take advantage. In addition to their sales, Sears will be offering perks through their Shop Your Way rewards programs. Shoppers can expect up to $50 back on certain door-buster deals and can pick up, return, or exchange online purchases all through Sears’ app.


What special deals and perks will you be offering to your consumer this holiday season? Let us know down below!

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