The Digital Era: Becoming an Instagram Influencer


Social media has broken many barriers on the traditional marketing model. Digital influencers have charged onto the scene, and in some cases, are more desirable to brands and retailers than celebrities. How are Influencers making a living from posting photos online?

Making a living off of social media

It may seem odd to many, but there is a growing group of people online who are turning their pictures into revenue. A lot of the Influencers out there started off as ordinary people posting pics of their cats, their dinner, their kids and time out with friends, until they made a decision to push it to the next level. It may seem like an easy task but influencers actually invest all of their time – yes, all – to perfecting each image before posting multiple times a day. Instagram has a host of influencers who are paid per post – some working for one brand, some for multiple. As an Influencer, it’s important to know that brands and retailers are looking to grow their audience so the number of followers is key. Because the influencers have established loyalty with their followers, there is a sense of trust that brands and retailers are looking to tap into.

Being an influencer is a 24/7 gig

Influencers gain followers by consistently posting photos and content. Hashtagging is also an important aspect when it comes to gaining views – a minimum of 20 hashtags per post is suggested. Using hashtags that are highly viewed, such as #liveauthentic, which has over 14 million posts, is smart. The more hashtags, the more visible the post will become. Unsure what words to use? There’s a company that helps with this – Focalmark asks for a few standout items about the photo and then doles out relevant and popular hashtags to use. But the shortcuts don’t stop there – to increase audience numbers (and for a fee), companies like Instagress offer bot services, which ‘like’ posts and leave generic comments such as, “Great pic!” or “Nice job,” on other users photos on Instagram who utilize the same hash tags. Why? Because data shows that more engagement on your part garners more engagement from those who may or may not be following you. Make a mental note of who may be following you (and who else they follow) and be sure to interact with others within your industry.

Becoming an influencer will take time and investment to start and maintain. Good luck!

Jill England

Jill England

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Jill England